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Contact Us
P.O.Box:6284 , Dubai , U.A.E,
Tel : + 971 4 3309938
Services Offered
  • Warehousing services ,Distribution and Delivery.
  • Door to Door Delivery.
  • Custom Brokerage.
  • Full Container Load.
  • Order follow-up tracking systems.
  • Supply chain tracking systems.
  • Factory Stuffing Services.
  • Dock Stuffing Services
Welcome to the page of Navigators Shipping & Logistica L.L.C . We would like to invite you to look around the world of Logistics as Navigators understand and lives according to your requirements. With our employees we can provide Consistent Quality Logistics services in time bound hassle free environment with competitive pricing, which suits to fit your growth trajectories.
We serve our customer’s with Integrated Supply Chain Solutions that deliver shipments by Sea, Air Land and combinations. Our expertise and value-added services enable you to streamline the flow of goods. We also make your Supply Chain more transparent and easier to manage from production till consumption at all levels of life cycle.
We are growing along with the requirements of our customers because they spur us on, in the assiduous expansion of our spectrum in logistics services. We know our strong position in the market is based on unceasing support of clients, and the commitment of our staff and our company. Our core asset i.e. people were in all our colleagues feel like we are a BIG NAVIAGTORS Family. We believe in being Consistent, Efficient, Honest & Reliable to our Clients, Employees, Vendors and Stakeholders.
Ocean Freight
Navigators provide complete range of Sea Freight Services, We leverage volume’s
Air Freight
Navigators Shipping & Logistica L.L.C can meet all your global transportation needs
We provide our customers the comfort of cargo transportation for delivery, dispatch & pick up
Cargo Consolidation Services
We also facilitate Cargo Consolidation (By Air / Sea) for our customer’s which includes the transportation of cargo to stuffing point, stuffing of cargo in container’s, custom process of shipping document’s, and use of Premium Air / Shipping line's. We consistently try our best to make sure that the cargo will reach the destination, ahead of the set deadlines.