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Projects – Complete and Hassle-free!

We are specialists in projects shipment of all scales. Our technical experts and domain specialists conduct a feasibility analysis of your requirement and devise an exclusive cargo movement plan spanning air, ocean and land as required. We undertake whatever it takes to ensure that your project cargo movement is completed in the most cost-effective and hassle-free way.

Our Projects cargo management team provides innovative and customer centric project cargo solutions through Sea, Air and Land. The most modern and highly equipped facilities coupled with experienced and proactive professionals makes the Projects division at Navigators Shipping and Logistica L.L.C the most sought-after name when it comes to exceptional cargo handling world-wide. We provide breakbulk and out of gauge services with maximum safety and first-class operational standards. We arrange Full/Part charters for Air and Sea freight, Multi-modal operations and ODC transportation. We manage turnkey solutions taking responsibility of the Pre and post shipment of projects cargo within the agreed time frame. Our ability to detail the minutest requirement of a matter within the project life span, ensure elimination of all possible faults.

  • Turnkey Projects handling
  • Route survey
  • Tariff consultancy and customs brokerage
  • Heavy haulage and trucking
  • Full/ Part Charter through Air and Sea
  • Barging and Rigging
  • Lashing and Crating
  • Special equipment handling and Engineering

We undertake a detailed planning considering the minutest of details while sending many smaller pieces or huge equipment to multiple destinations using various modes of transport. One of the key aspects of Project Cargo is proper planning and execution as that determines the success of the operation.

Preplanning of Project Cargo

Creating a detailed plan that has all the data of transit time, routing options, various modes of transport, delivery related information and all other related requirements demand expertise and experience. Planning all the steps from start to finish of the Project Cargo is important to successfully execute the shipment. With thorough planning, the project can be completed efficiently keeping the duties and tax costs in check. As there are many aspects to this planning, there is a need for an expert to be assigned to get a detailed projection of the expenses involved where Navigators Shipping and Logistica L.L.C has proven its mettle.

Moreover, different countries have different regulations for compliance, licenses, taxation, exemptions, duties, etc. So only an expert project logistics company like Navigators Shipping and Logistica L.L.C can provide these details considering the regulations of the country it is being transported to. We also provide routing options that are best suited depending on the size of the cargo. A detailed survey must be conducted on the dimension and size and any restrictions to achieve success.

Analyse the Project Cargo – Break-bulk / Ro-Ro

The Project cargo team must undertake a good amount of analysis. The first step is to analyse the complexity of the cargo. Once that is determined, check out if Breakbulk or Ro-Ro (Roll In – Roll Out) shipping is essential based on the dimension and weight of the equipment you are moving and whether static or self-propelled. After that depending on the destination location, the routes and mode of shipment must be decided. Consider the facilities they provide at en-route and transhipment ports when you decide the route and mode. The team also needs to have knowledge of the import and export regulations of the destination so that there is no run-in with the law. The team should also learn about any client delivery obligations so that the equipment reaches on time.

Choose the Correct Container

Project cargo is usually bulk goods or out of gauge cargo (OOG), but some of them can be containerised in standard racks, open tops, or flat racks. But not all of it is OOG and they may just be oversized, which means that they are either overweight, overlength, over height or all the above. It is essential to first determine if the cargo for the container shipping is oversized and then depending on the product being shipped the right sized container must be chosen. In some cases, there may be no need for a container at all. But what is to be noted is that irrespective of the container, it must be secured safely and loaded properly so that the shipment reaches the destination in the expected condition.

Choose the Right Transportation Service

Transporting over dimensional cargo is quite a challenge for businesses and organizations. From packing at source to unpacking at destination, the logistics involves quite a few complex procedures. Shipping complex equipment from one location to another should be done by a good organization such as Navigators Shipping and Logistica LLC with a proven track record. We provide businesses with accurate and honest estimate. Our team consist of technical and logistics experts to handle every aspect of project shipment. We also have local knowledge to resolve local issues. We are proactive in communication, quick to respond to issues and execute the plan effectively and efficiently.

Project cargo involves a lot of planning and execution. Only a competent organization such as Navigators Shipping & Logistica LLC, can offer comprehensive project cargo shipment.