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Land Freight

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Land Freight – Safe and on-time!

Land freight movement can be challenging unless it is done by experienced hands. NSAL has some of the best land freight experts with ample experience to deal with all types of commercial and personal land freight forwarding requirements. Standard and hi-up pickups, car carriers, refrigerated trucks, side loaders for grounding containers, low beds, and curtain-side trailers, we have them all.

With our clear communication and thoughtful collaboration, NSAL offers you one of the most comprehensive portfolios of premium overland services. We are a perfect partner for you when it comes to an affordable and reliable solution for your Land transportation requirements. NSAL team of experts caters to seamless LTL service to all major cities within the GCC, LEVANT and beyond even to North Africa. We combine simple, standardized ground freight services with drivers who can communicate in the local language and provide customized options to meet your specific cargo movement needs. Our fleet of vehicles include, Flat Bed, Low Bed, LoLo Bed, Hydraulic and Multi axle trailers. Combinations of SPMT, Flat and Low bed for ODC and Project movement using special equipment for lifting and loading.

  • Less-than- truckload (LTL)
  • Full truckload
  • Cross-border customs clearance
  • Bonded warehouse
  • Track and trace management
  • Border customs documentation

At Navigators, we take complete care of every shipment we handle to ensure safety of cargo in transit. There are many ways to achieve cargo safety during land transport. Here are a few basics we suggest:

Right Packaging

Choosing the right packing materials is critical to preventing shipping damage. Also, providing the best protection to your cargo will ensure that the freight can withstand the travel en-route.

  • We help you choose the right container for your shipment considering its size, scale, value and endurance.
  • Using good quality pallets and wrapping the goods properly help significantly.
  • The pallet should be larger than the product that it is supposed to hold because if it hangs around the edges there are chances of collision with other goods.
  • Distribute weight evenly so that there is balance.
  • For transporting fragile items, air-ride suspension will prevent damage.
  • Double-box items if the goods are heat-sensitive.
  • Do not cut back on packaging materials as it will pay back in other forms.

Good Outer Material
  • A tough outer cover ensures that the product gets good protection from any kind of damage.
  • Polybags can be used as the outer material as it helps preventing water seepage.
  • For shipping small goods, padded mailers work well as they are cheap and effective.
  • For larger items, a flat-rate mailer or a corrugate box is good as it is rigid and provides the right safety for the product inside.

Right Freight

We have often observed that products get damaged during the initial transit from the manufacturer to our warehouse. To curb this common issue, our logistic services include picking up goods from the sender’s doorstep to dropping it off at the receiver’s place. This ensures that the goods reach the receiver in good shape on time.

Stack Properly

Apart from choosing the right packaging material and pallets, placement or stacking of the goods must be planned carefully. A general rule followed while loading is to stack like bricks to distribute weight evenly. Also, fragile goods must be handled separately. Do not leave any empty space between boxes as this can result in tipping and falling during the transit, damaging the products inside. Make the cargo compact so that there are no void spaces.

Label the Boxes

To handle fragile goods, giving special care, while transporting your goods ensure that it is clearly marked outside the package. This helps the people handling such packages a clear indication. Small measures like indicating which side should be up and which side should be down, prevents mishandling. Also, provide us with detailed instructions on how to treat the products if they must be handled differently.

Insure Your Products

Though insurance cannot prevent damages, it surely reduces the financial burden involved if something goes wrong before it reaches the customer.

Shipping is part and parcel of doing online businesses. Sturdy packaging can prevent most of the issues that crop up during land freight. Navigators Shipping & Logistica LLC is committed to ensuring zero-risk shipping and logistics in all its operations.