Supply Chain Management

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Supply Chain Management -Best of service and space!

Navigators Shipping and Logistica L.L.C also offers warehousing, 3PL & 4PL activities as per client-requirement. We are equipped to handle containerized, refrigerated, and hazardous materials supply chain management by the ocean, air, and road. We also undertake pick, pack, assorting and redistribution services as per client-requirement.

With globalization and e-commerce getting more popular across the globe, new markets are emerging and with that, many business opportunities are opening worldwide. The Supply chain management services offered by Navigators is one of the best amongst facilities available in the Middle East. Fully integrated, system managed 3PL services ensure highly efficient and timely solutions to the client requirements. An impressive 300,000 square feet of Warehousing facilities in the UAE, in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah; including racked warehouse in Jebel Ali, storage facilities in the Dubai Investment park and Dubai Industrial city; fully equipped to meet the client’s storage requirements. Characterised by transparency, speed and efficiency, Navigators 3PL services offer in and out transactions from small and medium to large storage requirements.

Key Features
  • 100,000 sq. ft. Open Yard, hard ground, interlocked, upto 5 MT per sq. mt load bearing capacity facilities
  • 100000 CBM capacity, completely racked normal, ambient, and cool temperature storage facilities
  • Cross dock operations
  • State-of-the-art WMS software
  • Customized MIS reports made available
  • Efficient inventory management with scanning facilities
  • Stock transactions and availability though online visibility
  • Measured Purchase Order cycle times
  • Dedicated space for handling Value Added Services.
  • Quick turnaround time for cargoes
  • Palletized and Non-palletized storage
  • Catering to FMCG, Oil & Gas, Power & Energy, Retail segments
  • Fully computerized 3PL services
  • Warehouse with HSE (Health Safety Environment) compliance.
  • Latest mechanical handling equipment
  • Multi- modal transportation capabilities and systems
  • Products flow throughout to eliminate bottlenecks and improve speed

Role Of 3PLs In Supply Chain Management

Navigators Shipping and Logistica L.L.C is your one-stop solution provider that offers a comprehensive enterprise-level supply chain. We provide services on all the aspects of supply-chain including packaging, warehousing, transportation, and order fulfilment. Our 3PL services can help solve even the most complex logistic challenges by identifying and fulfilling the gaps in the supply chain. Check out how we can help your organization evolve with our 3PL services:

Helps in the Globalization of the Company

Companies are forced to reduce product lifecycle due to volatile market conditions and rapidly changing customer behaviour. Also, businesses are looking to expand their market beyond their own boundaries. For this to happen, there is a need for better inventory management and reliable transportation to distribute products all over the world. Our services can help you develop your market across the world without having to invest heavily in stocks.

Transportation Management

One of the key services we provide is transportation management. Navigators Shipping and Logistica L.L.C offers a broad range of services for inbound and outbound transport and help in optimizing the route. We use various modes of transport to achieve this and intelligent approaches to managing complex transport issues. Our 3PLs can execute end-to-end supply chain in Middle East or countries using various modes of transport.

We have a handy process in place for the evaluation of the carrier performance so that the delivery is on time and that the vendors meet the compliance standards. We analyse the costs involved and come up with the best mode of transport that is suitable for the project. Capacity management is also a critical aspect of transport management.

Warehouse Management

Another important service offered by a competent 3PL is warehouse management. We offer impeccable services when it comes to inventory analysis, cross-docking, metering, and performance analysis. Our warehousing facilities at strategic locations is an added advantage. We conduct picking analysis to estimate the maximum number of products that can be picked up and determine which can be grouped to improve storage efficiency.

Better Quality Control

Quality control issues can be quite challenging in supply chain management. When quality issues happen, the cost to repair or replace the item increases by many folds resulting in significant losses to the company. We undertake detailed quality control and ensure that the suppliers adhere to the standard quality requirements. We set process guidelines so that the suppliers meet the criteria. Periodic audits are done to verify the compliance and to determine if key KPIs like on-time delivery, product quality, minimum complaint resolution time and final product quality is maintained.

Value-Added Services

In addition to providing transportation management, warehousing and other integrated solutions Navigators Shipping and Logistica L.L.C also provide more value-added services like packaging, labelling, reverse logistics and custom broking. We use the latest tools and technologies to create an integrated model that can enhance their services. As a trusted third-party logistic service provider, we also help in minimizing your cost as it is one of the main criteria in the supply chain.

  • Packing & Repacking
  • WPicking & Sorting
  • WReworking
  • WModifications
  • WBarcode labelling / tagging
  • WInventory Management
  • WConsolidating and unitising
  • WCrating, Palletising
  • WFumigation, Heat Treatment – ISPM Marking
  • WProject, Heavy Lift, and Out of Gauge cargoes:
    • Storage
    • Lashing, Securing
    • Dunnage, Choking,
    • Shrink Wrapping