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Ocean Freight

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Ocean Freight – Navigating the 7 Seas and 5 Oceans

Our ocean freight services are comprehensive and hassle-free. From reserving an oversized container to securely transporting your high-value cargo, NSAL Sea Freight specialists treat each shipment with care and attention. We function across a wide network of ports around the world.

Are you into import/export trade and looking for cost-effective means of shipping your products? Then Sea Freight is your best option. Here is a comprehensive guide that covers Sea Freight for international shipping.

Navigators Shipping and Logistica LLC offer an extensive range of Ocean freight services that includes FCL, Break-bulk, ODC cargo, Ro-Ro, Turnkey projects and NVOCC services. Our ocean freight management experts’ partner with you to learn your specific requirements and advise the most affordable and feasible move option.

  • Import and Export
  • LCL, FCL, Standard, Open top and high cube containers
  • Track and trace management
  • Documentation
  • Warehouse and Open yard facilities
  • 24 x 7 Customer service

Ocean freight services include:

  • Transportation of cargo to Stuffing point.
  • Stuffing of cargo in container.
  • Custom process of shipping documentation.
  • Use of Premium Shipping Line.
  • Vessel charter

Looking for the most trusted Sea Freight services across the globe?

While transporting huge volumes of goods or products the best option is often the sea route using cargo ships. Goods are first packed into containers and then loaded onto a vessel, after which we sail them to their destination country.

Did you know that a cargo ship can carry 18,000 of these containers? That is, primarily why it is cost-effective, thanks to the huge space available. Our sailings are routed through the continents and covers the major and minor ports across the globe.

What goods that can be shipped?

Although most of the goods can be shipped via Ocean freight.

The goods are shipped based on their category. Few dangerous goods are shipped under certain pre-defined conditions. Perishable goods are shipped in containers that suit them. To summarize, sea freight accommodates most of the goods except those mentioned in the list above.

LCL OR FCL which suits you the best?

Now that we are aware of the goods that we can ship the sea freight rates depend on the shipment you opt for. The shipment depends on its size.

LCL (Less-Than-Container Load)

When your shipment is too small to fill an entire container, you can opt for a shared container along with other's shipment. The charges here are by cubic meter.

FCL (Full Container Load)

This is where you get sole access to a container. You can opt for this shipment when you have a huge volume of goods to be shipped. There is a flat rate for the container, and you get the advantage of your goods being accessible only to your supplier or customs.

A few terminologies you need to be aware of when you have chosen Sea freight as your mode of shipping.


Incoterm is a set of rules, which is international recognition to help in the global transport of goods. Each term has well-defined rules and regulations which both parties need to comply. The International Chamber of commerce publishes these rules. With Incoterm, language is never a barrier.

Incoterms and their definition

Free on Board (FOB)- This term defines even split of price and responsibilities between buyer and seller.

EX Works (EXW)- This term puts the whole responsibility on the shoulder of the buyer, and the only responsibility that rests with the seller is that of making the goods available for pickup.

Cost and Freight (CFR)- In this term, the seller must bear all the costs till the destination port post which the responsibility rests with the buyer.

Cost, Insurance and Freight (CIFR)- The terms are like those mentioned under CIF with the only difference that the buyer needs to include costs incurred by Insurance.

Free Carrier (FCA)- Under this shipping term, the seller must deliver the goods to a location where the carrier operates along with clearing the goods for export from the country of origin. Post this the sole responsibility costs and risk rest with the buyer.

Free Alongside Ship (FAS)- This term states it is the responsibility of the buyer to get the goods ready for loading alongside the ship besides customs, clearing it for export.

Delivered at Terminal (DAT)- Under this term, the seller must bear all the responsibility including unloading the goods at the named terminal at the destination port. The buyer bears all the other costs incurred such as Customs clearance, import duties, taxes, and delivery costs.

Delivered Duty Paid (DDP)- This term states the seller must bear all the risks and costs such as duties, taxes and other charges of delivering the goods along with clearance for import. The maximum obligation rests with the seller under this term.

Navigators Shipping and Logistica L.L.C is a leading freight management company offering the best Shipping and Logistics solutions, world over. Having tie-ups with all major ports across the world, we take complete care of all import and export shipping requirements. Our freight management experts’ partner with you to learn your business first-hand. All ocean routing is directed through our experienced network of core and preferred carriers, affording the multiple advantages of the smoothest possible delivery efficiency using optimal connections, market competitive rates and protection of capacity during peak times, all of which are appreciated by our long standing customers.

Whether we need to reserve an oversize container or securely transport your high-value cargo, NSAL Sea Freight specialists treat each shipment with care and attention it takes to secure your trust.