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Customs Clearance -Everything taken care of!

NSAL is one of the most trusted and reliable Customs Clearing Agent in UAE. Our experts are well-versed with the latest updates in Import, Export and Customs clearance formalities for shipments and logistics across air, ocean, and land.

Our extensive knowledge about the customs procedures and compliance standards makes us unique when it comes to hassle free clearance and documentation assistance to the clients. Navigators Shipping and Logistica L.L.C is in constant touch with the customs and Dubai trade authorities for self-updating, thereby offers a smooth transit for the cargo that comes to us.

  • Customs clearance for Sea, Air and Land shipments
  • Online documentation services
  • Import code generation and renewal
  • License procurement assistance
  • Free zone documentation
  • Cargo inspection and clearance procedures
  • Registered with Dubai trade

Dubai is one of the most popular international trade hubs thanks to the world-class infrastructure, ease of conducting business and network of sophisticated seaports. This has become possible due to the well-defined laws and evolving procedures imposed for customs clearance in Dubai for import/export of goods by the government. To get an import/export clearance in Dubai, your company must be registered with the Dubai Customs. Navigators Shipping and Logistica L.L.C is Dubai’s most trusted organization that can help your business with Import, Export and Customs Clearance.

Shipment Clearance Procedure

Once your trading company procures all required trading licenses after registering the company under the Dubai Customs and all required registrations are done, the import or export of goods can be initiated. Here are a few steps that must be followed for shipment clearance:

Registering of Goods

The first step in this process is filing the details of all the goods in the Montaji online portal. This product registration portal is owned by the Dubai Municipality and is set up to help the customers register all types of customer goods. The DM has made it mandatory for all traders to first register all the goods in this online portal before they can enter the Dubai Market.

Get Custom Code

The next step in import or export after filling the product details is registering in Montaji and send the details to Dubai customs. Once Montaji gives clearance then Dubai customs will permit traders. Custom code is generated after your application is approved. Using this registration code, the trading company will be allowed to register all goods by Dubai customs.

Customs Documentation Checklist

From our extensive experience of the evolving import/export scenario in Dubai, here are some of the documents your business will need to enable import/export.

Export from Dubai by Sea freight

You will need the original invoice on the letterhead of the shipper with a rubber stamp and signature. List of items that are packed to be mentioned on the shipper’s letterhead along with rubber stamp and signature. The registration code, HS summary code, and delivery advice.

Export from Dubai by Airfreight

In addition to the original invoice and packing list on the shipper’s letterhead with a rubber stamp as needed in sea freight, a copy of the House Airwaybill and master airway bill is needed. Also, the delivery advice, HS summary code and the registration code is needed.

Export from Dubai by Road freight

Apart from the original invoice and packing list, the certificate of origin with an endorsement of the chamber of commerce obtained at the origin chamber is needed for export via Road freight.

Import to Dubai by Sea Freight

The documents that are needed to be produced for clearance by the Dubai customs to import goods are the HBL, the house bill of lading, the MBL, master bill of lading, the Delivery order with the shipping agent’s stamp. Common documents like the original invoice, the packing list on the shipper’s letterhead are needed even for the import of goods. The COO, certificate of origin endorsed by the chamber of commerce at the origin chamber and the HS summary code is also needed.

Import to Dubai by Airfreight

The documents needed for airfreight are the house airwaybill, the master airwaybill, importer code, delivery order, the original invoice and packing list on shipper’s letterhead with stamp and signature.

Import to Dubai by Road Freight

The documents needed for the import of goods are the same as those for export.

Dubai is an ideal location for any import/export business as there are many free zones where you can set up a business easily. Since they take their rules and regulations seriously, make sure to get a better idea about the procedure for custom shipment clearance. Navigators Shipping and Logistica L.L.C is your trusted agency to get your import, export and customs clearance straight, hassle-free.

E- Mirsal-2 Registration (IMPORT / EXPORT CODE)

Traders and other commercial entities who import or export goods through ports of Dubai are required to obtain an Importer, Exporter Code as a pre-requisite for the clearance of their goods. However, import and export of personal effects shall be permitted on personal names and without importer/exporter codes subject to rules and regulations governing import and export of personal effects. The conditions and requirements to obtain an Code company Must hold a valid commercial/trading license issued by the competent authority in U.A.E.