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Air Freight

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Air Freight – Seamless Air Shipments!

At Navigators, we value our client’s time and money more than ours. Hence, our team will be available all the time, to deal with your air cargo requirements from and to across the world. From chartered flights to assortment of consignments, hazardous objects to exhibition shipments, all your logistics requirements will be taken care of by us.

Specialised Air freight management team at NSAL assists you in all your air shipment requirement. Cargo that requires urgent transportation or are time-sensitive, needs special attention during air shipments. Our proven expertise in air cargo management combined with the broad relationships with Airline companies makes us unique when it comes to air freight services. We handle small parcels to over dimensional cargoes and offer door delivery services all over the world.

  • Air freight consolidation – Inbound and Outbound
  • Air charter services
  • Express and courier service
  • International door delivery
  • Warehousing services, distribution, and delivery.
  • Qualified personnel for handling dangerous and perishable goods.
  • Option of carriers based on client cargo needs.

Navigators Shipping and Logistica L.L.C offers a wide range of Air Freight services to suit your business shipping requirements.

Fastest Transport Available

If you are looking to transport your goods in the minimum possible time, then air freight is the best option to consider. It is the fastest when compared to other modes like road, ocean or even rail transport. Thanks to the speed, it is useful even to ship products to destinations that are thousands of miles away. A reputed shipping company will have own fast-moving cargo aeroplanes which are essential to ensure that your products reach from one continent to another in a matter of hours.

Can Reach Far-off Destinations

One of the major advantages of entrusting your air freight with Navigators Shipping and Logistica L.L.C is that packages of all dimensions can be sent to any far-off destination in the safest and fastest way. Most of the airlines provide services to more than 200 destinations worldwide and almost all the domestic places. That makes it the most advantageous mode of transport because land, sea or road transport often do not provide services to the smaller and remote countries of the world, but air freight does.

Deliver on Time

Unlike the other shipping modes, the Navigators Shipping and Logistica L.L.C air freight offers reliable services from source to destination. The chances of the flight arriving late or getting cancelled are slim and even if there is a cancelled flight, we will ensure that your packages reach on-time. This trustworthiness has been our USP since inception.

Highly Secure

Do you have a high-value product that needs to be shipped? Then Navigators Shipping and Logistica L.L.C air freight is the best option in hand. We undertake high value cargo air shipments and ensure a three-tier security for its safe passage. Another added advantage is that the package will have fewer stops and faster delivery.

Less Dependence on Warehouses

Navigators Shipping and Logistica L.L.C, freight forwarding not only ensures that the package is delivered quickly to the endpoint but also that small businesses need not physically store inventory. Also, businesses will no longer need to stock up goods in anticipation of good sales as the cargo can arrive without any delay. So, the companies can become more adept at adjusting to the seasons and trends and not stockpiling in warehouses.

Perishable cargo handling

Due to the quick transit possibilities, the risk of handling perishable goods is mitigated. We ensure complete security for your goods to ensure safe and secure handling. Our well laid out system procedures enable us to ship perishables such as flowers, vegetables, meat, frozen items and other FMCG.

Customs Clearance

A specialized brokerage team with extensive industry knowledge ensures swift customs clearance, completing the administration formalities using highly efficient advanced electronic operating systems.